Analsex - What does anal feel like?

Analsex - What does anal feel like?

Anal sex - What does anal feel like?

Anal sex has become more and more popular over time - you can see this in particular when looking at requests for anal sex on porn websites. Surely this has something to do with the fact that we are much more open today about different sexual preferences than we were a few years ago. One thing is clear - anal sex is not for everyone. Nevertheless, we want to take a closer look at the topic and explain what anal sex can feel like.

Brief insight - What is anal sex?  

In a nutshell, anal sex is penetration of the anus. During anal sex, a man's penis enters his partner's anus. Normally, this type of penetration brings pleasure to both partners.  

How does anal sex feel for women?

It should be said in advance that, of course, everyone's experience is different and every woman has different erogenous zones. Nevertheless, there are a few commonalities when it comes to women's anal sex experiences. For some, it feels like you're doing your big business, only in reverse. Sounds kind of twisted, but that's how women often describe it. A feeling of a reverse bowel movement.

Other women describe the first few times as a little painful, because too little lubricant was used or you rushed the stretching process. Therefore, one should always allow enough time for it, otherwise it could end up painful for the woman. Some women feel a real pleasure during anal intercourse, especially if the clitoris or vagina are stimulated at the same time.

The feeling of being stimulated in a different part of the body brings another kick to the sex game. However, preparation is important. Accordingly, you should leave yourself enough time to stretch the anus sufficiently. Anal lubricant and sensitivity are extremely important here! Beforehand, you can practice with an anal plug, for example. 

How does anal sex feel for men? 

When it comes to anal sex for men, you can distinguish between the active part (the one who penetrates) and the passive part (the one who is penetrated). For the active part, many men describe anal sex as extremely exciting and hot. Some men say that the difference with penetrating a vagina is basically not too much, except for the fact that a man's or woman's anus is tighter and less moist.

For some men, it is also the fantasy that they can finally live out that makes them even more excited about anal sex. Certainly, the stretching of the anus also plays a role here, which many men find very provocative.

You can also try this alone with the help of a Fleshlight. For the passive part, many men tell that through anal intercourse the prostate, the male G-spot, is stimulated and this feeling of penetration feels very good. For the "prostate stimulation" alone, there are also many toys.

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Surely, however, there are enough (gay) men who find the passive part not quite as exciting and, just as women have already described above, feel it as a reverse defecation. 

Conclusion about anal pleasure 

So, to sum up, for some anal intercourse is an absolute pleasure bringer and feels great and good, while others find it rather painful or unpleasant. Therefore, everyone should decide for themselves what is good for you and always listen to your own body and your own feelings. If you like it, try it out a few anal toys.