Water based Lube

Water-based lubricating gel

Water-based lubricants are ideal for vaginal intercourse. The vaginal fluid mixes with the water-based lubricating gel to achieve a good lubricating effect. There are water-based lubricating gels that are as tasteless and odourless as the AQUAglide. The water-based lubricant AQUAglide is a medical lubricant developed for oral or vaginal application. It is very well tolerated by the body and provides a pleasant moisture during the act of love. In addition, there are water-based lubricants with a wide variety of flavours. The strawberry-flavored Play by Durex is an absolute bestseller. Water-based glides with taste are ideal for oral sex. Of course you can also use the gel with condoms. Or you can use it for your vibrator or dildo. Water-based lubricants are less suitable for anal sex. There is no intrinsic fluid produced at this part of the body, so there is a risk that water-based lubricant will dry out the anus and even cause it to crack. For anal sex you should use a special anal lubricant. We even have them in our assortment on a water basis.

Advantages of water-based lubricants

Water-based glides have many advantages and are the classics among the glides that everyone should have in their drawer next to the bed. Water-based lubricants enjoy great popularity, not only because they are very cheap to buy and the variety of smells and tastes is enormous. Lubricants with taste increase the fun factor tremendously anyway. A water-based lubricant will really make everyone happy. In addition, they do not leave unsightly stains and can be easily washed out of all furniture or surfaces. A super additional factor is the fact that water-based lubricants are perfectly compatible with condoms and sextoys. So you not only have your wet fun, but also a super safe love life.

Disadvantages of water-based lubricants

The biggest disadvantage is that normal water-based lubricants can dry out the anus. Anal sex lovers must therefore resort to special anal lube gel, or make sure that the water-based lube gel is especially suitable for anal sex. For example, the LS Soothing is perfect for untroubled anal pleasure and is water-based. This water-based lubricant is especially designed for anal sex. It is slightly thicker than normal lubricating gels and thus lasts longer and ensures high lubricity. You can also use this lubricant with vibrators and other sex toys or use a condom to make sure you are safe. Water-based gliding gels are also unsuitable for super moist fun in the bathtub as they are water-soluble. Some people often find water-based lubricants to be cold. Are you with them, too? For this we can recommend extra warming glides. These lubricating gels react to skin contact and heat up. If that's not a plus for water-based lubricant. With our really large selection of gliding gels you will surely find what you are looking for. Get inspired!

Lovespring LS Essential Lubricant Water based lubricant
Lovespring LS Caring Lubricant Water based lubricant

Lovespring LS Caring Lubricant Water based lubricant

CHF 19.90
fleshlight fleshlube gleitgel amorana
lovespring LS smooth wasserbasiertes anal gleitgel amorana

Lovespring LS Smooth Lubricant Anal lube

CHF 24.90
Durex Play 2 in 1 Trio Water based lubricant

Durex Play 2 in 1 Trio Water based lubricant

CHF 42.90
Durex 2 in 1 Aloe Vera Water-based massage and lubricant gel
durex play feel gleitgel 50ml amorana

Durex Play Feel Water based lubricant

CHF 9.90
durex play variety of 5 wasserbasiertes gleitgel unten amorana

Durex Play - Variety of 5 Gleitgel

Special Price CHF 39.90 Regular Price CHF 46.50
joydivision aquaglide 200ml amorana

Joydivision AQUAglide Water based lubricant

CHF 14.90
Pjur Back Door anal water-based lubricant

Pjur Back Door anal water-based lubricant

CHF 18.90
joydivision gleitgel aquaglide 50ml amorana

Joydivision AQUAglide 50ml Water based lubricant

CHF 7.90
Wasserbasiertes Gleit- und Massagegel von Durex Amorana

Durex Play 2 in 1 Water based lubricant

CHF 13.90
buttr fisting gel anal gleitgel unten amorana

BUTTR Fisting Gel Anal lube

CHF 34.90
joydivision gleitgel bioglide 150ml amorana

Joydivision Bioglide Water based lubricant

CHF 16.90
durex play strawberry wasserbasiertes gleitgel frontbild amorana

Durex Play Strawberry Flavoured lubricant

CHF 9.90
Pjur Aqua water-based lubricant
Ceylor Natural Touch gel lubrifiant

Ceylor Natural Touch gel lubrifiant

CHF 9.90
hot gleitmittel anal super glide amorana

Hot Anal Super Glide Anal lube

CHF 12.90
Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel Duo mit Aloe und Guarana Amorana

Durex Play 2 in 1 Duo Water based lubricant

CHF 25.90
YesForLov Warming Unisex Gleitgel auf Wasser Basis Amorana

YESforLOV Warming Water based lubricant

CHF 29.90
creamy wasserbasiertes gleitgel frontbild amorana


CHF 24.90
yes for love allover delicious massage gel amorana
pjur med repair gleitgel amorana

Pjur Med Repair water-based lubricant

CHF 18.90
durex play warming wasserbasiertes gleitgel amorana
bijoux indiscrets slow sex anal play anal gleitgel verpackung amorana

Bijoux-Indiscrets Slow Sex Anal Play Anal lube

CHF 16.90
lelo intim gleitgel 75 ml amorana

Lelo Intim Water based lubricant

Special Price CHF 14.90 Regular Price CHF 14.90
fleshlight fleshlube slide wasserbasiertes gleitgel frontbild amorana

Fleshlight FleshLube Slide Anal Gleitgel

CHF 14.90
joydivision gleitmittel aquaglide anal amorana

Joydivision AQUAglide Anal Water based lubricant

CHF 14.90
fleshlight wasserbasiertes gleitgel fleshlube fire 100 ml amorana
joydivision gleitmittel aquaglide erdbeer amorana

Joydivision AQUAglide Strawberry Water based lubricant

Special Price CHF 9.90 Regular Price CHF 12.90
yesforlov natural lubricant wasserbasiertes gleitgel frontbild amorana

YESforLOV Natural Lubricant Wasserbasiertes Gleitgel

CHF 29.90
Pjur Basic gel lubrifiant à base d'eau

Pjur Basic gel lubrifiant à base d'eau

CHF 8.90