Womanizer Premium in a hand

Womanizer test

Womanizer test and experience

It's supposed to be the key to clitoral orgasms: The Womanizer - a toy developed in 2014 by a German couple to close the orgasm gap and has been experiencing hype ever since. Women all over the world report how quickly they climaxed with it. Meanwhile, Womanizer toys come in different price ranges, with different functions, in many shapes and colors.

What they have in common: They are not classic vibrators, but stimulate the clitoris through pressure waves. That made me curious - what's behind the hype about the alleged miracle vibrator? In the toy test, I share my experiences with you. 

How do I get the toy?

First things first, the test starts with the scope of delivery: The Womanizer comes in a neutral cardboard box without any logo or other indication of what is inside. Very discreet! The packaging of the Womanizer comes in a classy design, included is a USB charging cable, an instruction manual and a soft satin bag for storage (not included with the Starlet 2). Conveniently, a second stimulation attachment is included (except with the Starlet 2) - so I can find the perfect size for my clitoris.

First impression of the toy

The Womanizer feels high-quality, the material nestles velvety and soft against the skin. A smell from the material can be perceived only very slightly when unpacking. The design is surprisingly simple, there is an on/off button and a slider to control the intensity levels. The attachment is oval and you can imagine it to be about the size of a fingertip. The USB charging cable makes it clear how to charge the Womanizer. 

The toy feels good in the hand and can be operated intuitively - if something is not clear, there is a thin manual for research. I read up on the functions and learn that all Womanizers are equipped with Pleasure Air technology, which works via air vibrations. It is supposed to be used to stimulate the clitoris without touching it. I can't quite imagine that yet, but am all the more excited to see how it will feel.

The Womanizer in the test

First attempts with the toy

My first Womanizer experience starts: The toy is placed by the clitoris and is supposed to lead to particularly intense orgasms through its pressure waves. Before trying it out for the first time, I hold my finger on the attachment to get a first impression. Although I am unsure whether this suction can actually bring me to climax and I can engage in it, but: Let's see!

To my amazement, the soft attachment of the Womanizer encloses my clitoris ideally during the test, a vacuum is created and I try a low level. The wave-like impulses feel unusual - but the new sensation is intense and pleasurable.

It excites me to experiment with the different intensity levels and find out what I like. The Womanizer is actually quite quiet, which helps me to let go. And then it starts to run on its own: The tingling sensation gets stronger and after a short while the Womanizer manages to bring me to an explosive orgasm, my whole abdomen tingling.

Special functions

The unique feature: all Womanizers are equipped with Pleasure Air technology, which works via air vibrations. This is exciting because it stimulates the clitoris completely without touching it - it's hard to describe, but feels like sucking and tingling at the same time. 

The Womanizer Premium has two additional functions: the toy only starts when it touches the skin (Smart Silence) and I also have the option of letting go of the reins in autopilot mode and letting the toy surprise me with how I'm stimulated.

What you need to keep in mind

There's actually not much to consider with the Womanizer: Sure, every toy has an adjustment period, so it's absolutely okay if you can't get into it right away. Every body is different and sometimes it takes a little patience. Other than that, the Womanizer does all the work and I was able to let myself go. As a tip from my experience: It gets especially hot when you first get into the mood on a low intensity level and then switch up level by level.

It is also important to me how it goes after the orgasm, I want to be able to enjoy the relaxation afterwards and not think about a tedious cleaning. That's easy here: The silicone attachment can be easily removed and cleaned with warm water and a little mild soap. For especially hygienic cleaning, it's best to use a toy cleaner. Bacteria and fungi certainly don't stand a chance!

My conclusion and recommendation


The Womanizer has a reputation as a miracle vibrator - and rightly so. Despite my initial skepticism, I would not want to do without it on my nightstand. It embellishes my me-time, it's fun to explore my pleasure together with the Womanizer. The intense orgasms, ease of use and how special the stimulation feels convinced me. 

+ Intense orgasms in a short time

+ Intuitive operation

+ Easy, quick cleaning

+ Super noble design 

- With the Liberty: Very slippery, can sometimes slip out of the hand. But it is small and best suited for travel.

The toys are not exactly cheap compared to other vibrators, but the Womanizer is fortunately available in different price ranges (the cheapest is the Starlet 2 for 89 francs, the Womanizer Premium is at the top of the list at 219 francs). For me, the Womanizer toys are good value for money - all models give intense orgasms and the fact that the stimulation technique is so efficient and unique makes the Womanizer stand out from the usual lay-on vibrators.

Who is the Womanizer suitable for?

I would recommend the Womanizer to anyone who wants to enjoy the most intense orgasms as quickly as possible. And of course, if you have more time, you can also extend the solo session and let the Womanizer give you multiple orgasms. 

Stimulation via air vibrations can be exciting for toy beginners but also for advanced users: The sucking and massaging can't be compared to anything else. I also found it exciting that there is no habituation effect - solo sessions with the Womanizer are just as satisfying the tenth time as they were the first time I tried it. Moreover, the clitoris is not overstimulated, so you can indulge in intense orgasms all day long. 

Here you can find a detailed review of the Womanizer DUO and Womanizer Premium, the two top sellers of the Womanizer family.