Advent Calendar Unboxing

Advent Calendar Unboxing

Amorana Advent Calendar Unboxing 2022

Unboxing 2022: Unpack the erotic advent calendar with us

The Amorana advent calendars are the crowning glory of any stressful year. For the curious among you, we have unboxed the Amorana Advent Calendar 2022. The two ladies took a close look at the calendars and share their first impressions and thoughts about the products with you. 

But beware, spoiler alert!

Amorana Adventskalender Classic Unboxing

  • 25 surprises in the calendar
  • Merchandise value of over CHF 500
  • Including a Womanizer brand toy


Amorana Advent Calendar Premium Unboxing

  • 29 surprises in the calendar
  • Value of goods over CHF 1000.-
  • Womanizer Classic 2.0 & We-Vibe Unite 2.0


Amorana Advent Calendar Deluxe Unboxing

  • 32 surprises in the calendar
  • Goods value of over CHF 1300.-
  • Womanizer Premium 2.0 & We-Vibe Unite 2.0


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