Lush 3 product text Lush 3 lies on bed next to mobile phone

Lush 3 test

Lush 3 test and experience

There are many different ways to come. Toys can make our lives more enjoyable and be an exciting enrichment: Imagine your climax is remote-controlled by your date and you can completely surrender to your desire. A new form of shared intimacy - sounds weird but exciting? I think so too: Here's the test of the Lush 3 Vibro Egg.

Info about the Lush 3

  • Features: 3 intensity levels, controllable at a distance, music synchronization, waterproof
  • Control: on the toy, via Bluetooth (range up to 13 meters) or worldwide via internet and app (compatible with iOS 9.0 and above, Android 4.3)
  • Charging: Through magnetic charging cable (included).
  • Vibration pattern: Unlimited
  • Volume: Very quiet, max. 43 dB
  • Weight: Around 70g
  • Total length: 18 cm
  • Max. insertable length: 7.6 cm
  • Max. insertable diameter: 3.7 cm
  • Charging time: 85 minutes
  • Running time: up to 5 hours
  • Material: Silicone

How do I receive the Toy?

The first step in our test: how is the toy packaged, what is included in the package? The Lush 3 is a vibro egg, the name comes from the special shape that resembles an egg. The pink toy is packaged in a square, white box, and also comes with a USB charging cable, a small manual, a set-up guide and a fabric pouch for storage.

First impression of the Lush 3

The curved pink toy is made of super soft material, has a thicker and a thinner end, and a start button. The thinner part is firm: this is supposed to help keep the toy from slipping and staying put on erogenous tugs. The ergonomic shape is supposed to hit the G-spot more specifically, according to the manufacturer.

The Vibro-Egg is charged after just under ninety minutes and the red permanent light is no longer visible. It can be controlled via app or by pressing the thinner end of the toy. The app setup is simple, the Lush 3 connects directly. There are three intensity levels to choose from, all of which are very quiet - here we go with the test.

Lush 3 in the test

First tests with the Lush 3

It's getting exciting, the actual test begins: I insert the wider end from the Toy vaginally and adjust it some more to make it sit comfortably. This feels unusual, but when I think about what follows, I already feel an erotic tingle. Because what interests me the most is: How does it feel to let my sweetheart control me and my pleasure remotely and hand over control?

I give my partner the reins via the app. From now on, I let myself be surprised when and how strongly I'm stimulated, and I soon notice soft, pleasant vibrations. I feel my G-spot intensely and my clitoris is also lightly massaged. The fact that I don't know when my date will take a break and when it will start again with the stimulation makes the experience even more appealing.

Toys that can be paired with a cell phone via Bluetooth often have signal problems. But with the Lush 3, the connection worked great right away and was never interrupted, which helps me focus completely on the stimulation. When I climax is entirely in the hands of my sweetheart....

What I learned with some experience: Once you've found a personal vibration pattern that really gets you going, it's also easy to save, so you can recall it at any time. For more inspiration, you can also browse through the patterns of other users in the app, there are endless possibilities and the chances of an orgasm are extremely good.

Especially good features

Do you prefer to seduce yourself to sexy songs? The Lush 3 has a feature that lets you feel the music - literally: in the app, you can adjust the vibrations of the Lush 3 to your favorite track. Definitely try it out, we had a lot of fun with it during the test! It makes the sex playlist even more exciting and you can search for the hottest vibe together...

Another practical feature of the Lush 3 is that if you can't be together, the toy still delivers intimacy. It works in separate rooms, but also if you're on opposite ends of the world. I find the idea of being connected and close over such a long distance quite appealing.

Besides, the toy is discreet, for a special thrill you can use it in public: You can wear it as a sensual secret in the resti, for example, and it's so quiet that it's suitable for erotic adventures that no one will notice. An experience worth having...

Here's what you need to keep in mind

Although the Lush 3 is ergonomically designed and flexible, the vibro-egg may not feel perfectly comfortable the first time - but you'll find the ideal position by yourself over time. Try out what suits your body best.

As a tip: If you start slowly, first bring yourself up to speed without the toy or your partner stimulates your clitoris with the vibro-egg, it will also work smoother to let the toy slide into you afterwards without pressure. For easier insertion, a water-based lubricant is recommended. This gives the whole thing an extra kick!

 Our conclusion and recommendation


What I like about the Lush 3: It sets no limits to my imagination. It hits my G-spot perfectly, massages the clitoris or stimulates completely different erogenous zones. I'm always rediscovering it and with experience come fresh lustful ideas.

At 139.90 francs, it is of course quite an investment, but for the price I got a versatile, high-quality toy. There are hardly any points of criticism - the first time I had to get an overview of the app, but it is still very intuitive and it quickly becomes clear what to do.

+ Intense stimulation at a distance

+ Unique music feature

+ Many possible uses

Anyone who is in the mood for an extraordinary adventure for two and is willing to experiment will find what they are looking for with the Lush 3. I can also imagine that the toy is especially practical for long-distance relationships to experience hot hours together despite the distance and feel close to each other.

Are you single? If you want to enrich your solo sex sessions, you will also have fun with the Lush 3. After all, you can easily control the toy yourself and bring yourself to ecstasy. It's worth it for the tingling music feature alone, you have to experience it...